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I thank Abu Dhabi Real Estate for all the good service they provide to us. We are living in Abu Dhabi since 16 years and now we are owners of our house. Thank you for all.
Minisha Dattanai
About Us
Abu Dhabi United Real Estate Company established in 2008 and as the name suggests we are focused at the real estate industry in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi United has been right at the top of the development plans and agenda for Abu Dhabi as a righteous capital of Middle East with sustained growth and economic development with cultural diversity and integrity. Abu Dhabi has been rapidly expanding and has been pivotal to the growth and bringing Middle East to the forefront during the global economic slowdown.

Abu Dhabi United has eight projects currently under management including the AL WAHDA CITY 1. We are with no doubt one of the very few companies with such a big start, supported by a qualified and experienced team of engineers, consultants, marketing and property management professionals.

Abu Dhabi United has played its role in augmentation of Abu Dhabi’s real estate development strategy, providing residential, commercial and retail space to the diverse populace.

We are at the forefront of the initiatives being undertaken in Abu Dhabi to provide top quality development projects in the region for government, private sector, expats & the local population. We are always ready to face the challenges of development in the region and bring into being celebrated outcomes.

So whether you are looking to lease, sell, buy, or get your property perfectly managed.
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